Longstay housing for students and guest researchers at chalmers

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1 september – 31 maj

Booking at a monthly price can only be booked from the beginning of the month, the first to the last day of each month, but for a maximum of 3 months. You will find more information about prices here.

Welcome to Holterman Hostel for student and guest researchers at Chalmers

Holterman Hostel consists of 66 rooms and is reserved for guest researchers and students at Chalmers University of Technology during the period 1 September to 31 May. During the summer, the accommodation is open to the public.

Holterman Hostel is located in central Gothenburg and is located in close proximity to Chalmers, Johanneberg and the student union building. You live in spacious rooms with high ceilings. We offer smart room solutions with everything from single rooms to smaller family rooms.

Smart living close to campus

You check in just like in a hotel with us, sheets are included and you share a WC / Shower with two to three other rooms on the same floor. Cleaning is included on departure but you are expected to sort laundry and garbage yourself.

On each floor there is a fully equipped shared kitchen. In our common areas, there is the opportunity for guests to sit together and digest the day's impressions.

News from Holterman

About us

Holterman Hostel is used s a guest researcher and student hostel for students at Chalmers. during the period 1 September - 31 May.

Chalmers Studentbostäder runs the business in collaboration with Chalmers. Our focus is to offer more students accommodation in Gothenburg. Here you live in smart room solutions with access to a shared kitchen and bathroom.

Keyless hostel

We are a keyless hostel where you check in and out on your smartphone. You can easily unlock your room with your mobile phone! Therefore, it is important that you have a smartphone with you during your stay.


Contact us:
Adress: Holtermansgatan 1 E
Tel: +46 31-772 97 99
Email: info@holtermanhostel.se

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday 08.00-16.30
Closed for lunch 12.00-13.00
Saturday: Unmanned*
Sunday: Unmanned*

*During weekends and evenings, our reception is unmanned, but you can always reach us by phone.